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Looking at 40 in the Rear View Mirror!

Sort of what my life looks like.
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Work is at full tilt.

Yesterday, was my oldest son's Middle School graduation.

Today, is my 19th anniversary being married to the Lovely Bride.

Today marks 28 years we have been together, okay we didn't rush into marriage.

Did I ever tell you all about the Dumptruck load of daisies I sent her for our first dating anniversary.

Me on the East Coast, her in Western New York State. In the middle of all that was one red rose. I didn't want to over do it.

She loves daisies. We got fixed up on a blind date, her roommate wouldn't go out with my friend, unless she had a wingman. I thought she was a bitch and she said to her best friend "Why are all the good looking guys such assholes!" It was going to be the worst date of my life.

I picked her up on my motorcycle, took her to the movies, and then for a moonlight sail. Much to my suprise she opened up a backpack and provided the beer in the middle of the theater.

The rest was history and while I'm still an ass, She isn't a bitch. Her best friend and her date didn't even last a second time out. Actually, I think my bride is the best thing that ever hapened to me! Okay, she's not perfect, but good enough for me.

She is still pretty, smart and wonderful.

Things could be better, but they could be much worse.

I have my family and today is the first day of summer vacation for the lads.

Beaches, river banks, sailing and the woods. It doesn't get much better!

And the guys still hoot when "Sweet Home Alabama" hits the speakers and the Lovely Bride still shakes her hips!

While life never turns out how you think it should, it does a remarkable job of getting you just what you need.
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another figurehead, originally uploaded by Fear_and_Loathing.

Just stuff.

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IMG_1078, originally uploaded by wakitu.

A friend of mine took this picture and I just love how it describes life.

I hope you enjoy.

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Puddin' and form versus function.

Hemp, what ya gonna do?
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I used to have access to some really good cameras, Darkrooms and loads of film in High School and College. It isn't hard. Just volunteer for the School paper, Yearbook or what ever. Even in the post College days, I had a nice SLR, that finally met a maddening death. So for years, I have had a few digital point and shoot cameras. They got terribly frustrating. I needed a hobby again and somebody or bodies, bought me a real live new Canon for the Festivus. Actually, all I wanted for Christmas, was a real camera. I was rewarded.

It's almost like having and SLR again and I am approaching it like a fresh date. It is heavy and steady and has some very attractive features.

I'll let you know how it goes.
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So tonight, I think we are taking a trip into the ethnic twilight Zone. This little town we inhabit has a secret, closely held and family oriented. It has been subject to contrivarsy and sides being drawn. It would be the matter of "Soupy".

"Soupy" you ask, what the jumpin' Jeebus is that?

Well, it is a homemade pork sausage, dried sausage, not the breakfast variety, that is considered a delicacy in this town. Family recipes are guarded secrets and the good stuff is coveted around here. I grew up on the stuff and love it. Folks either love it or hate it, but it will rock your socks.

Yesterday, it hit me like a flash, tonight we will have soupy pizza. I have never tried that before.

/details later
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Heh, Well, the last year sure has proved interesting. Some of it good, some of it bad. Challenges, failures and successes. The new job, at the same old place has been going well. I got hurt, got better and am back in the fray again.

The Red Sox have made me laugh, made me cry, toss things about the room and utter a few praises and curses. As many of you know, they made it this far. Tonight, another Shilling moment, does he have what it takes? I like the blowhard, he has earned a place in my heart, I think he still has some stuff, but with his ego I never see him being a closer, relief or setup man. The chapter is closing.

Frankly, they have not been great, nor have they been bad in their play. This year they have seemed more like a wagon team, plodding along, getting it done, but not flashy, not a through-bred, but a good solid wage earner. They have had a good run and I have enjoyed it. I was never giddy this season, but I was never distraught. There have been some very interesting things in how the players have evolved. We see an aging Ace start to lose his teeth, A new on hopefully finding his stride, several players hyped beyond anything they could hope to accomplish, and several that came in the shadows and busted out in fine style.

And in the post season, just classic, "Manny being Manny!" I'm still not sure what that means, except he doesn't like us fans and we are willing to cut him more slack than any other player in Boston.

After this year's October, I'm sure we will see a lot of favorite faces go, regardless of the outcome. This is sad, but given 2004, it is expected. Some I will be giddy that they are gone, others I will mourn, I admit I cheered when Trot slapped us, but the change is coming.

On a side note: Joe Torre proved himself a class act. He has been a miracle for the Yankees and left on his own term as a Gentleman. While the Yankees are my rival, I have respected them and more importantly their manager. I think he had the right to be insulted with the deal he was offered. It will be interesting how the players react. Joe over the years you have frustrated me, flummoxed me, exasperated me, crushed me and given me a few moments of fun!

Thank you.
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